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Fire Alarms

At Nevin Electrics, we specialise in providing professional fire alarm systems services to ensure the safety and security of your building or premises across Northern Ireland. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of fire alarm systems, from design and installation to commissioning and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Systems Overview

Fire alarm systems are essential for detecting and responding to conditions of smoke or heat in a building or premises. Our expert services encompass the following components and functionalities:

  1. Control Panel: The control panel serves as the central hub of the fire alarm system, receiving signals from devices such as detectors and call points. It activates warning devices, such as bells, sounders, and beacons, in case of a fire alarm activation.
  2. Heat Detectors: Installed in areas with a risk of heat or fire, such as kitchens and plant rooms, heat detectors provide early detection and warning of fire hazards.
  3. Smoke Detectors: These detectors are activated by the presence of smoke and are strategically placed throughout all areas of the building to detect smoke particles and alert occupants in case of a fire.
  4. Breakglass Units: Placed where required, breakglass units allow individuals to manually activate the fire alarm system by breaking the glass to access the activation mechanism.
  5. Bells, Sounders, and Beacons: Warning devices, including bells, sounders, and flashing beacons, alert occupants to the presence of a fire through audible and visual signals.


Our Services

  1. Design: Our experienced team ensures the proper design of fire alarm systems, complying with British Standards and regulations to minimise the risk of false alarms and ensure effective fire detection and warning.
  2. Installation: We conduct meticulous installations, adhering to British Standards and wiring regulations, to ensure the reliability and functionality of the fire alarm system according to the approved design and specifications.
  3. Commissioning: Our experts perform thorough commissioning tests to evaluate the performance of every device, detector, sounder, and beacon, certifying the system’s effectiveness in various fault scenarios.
  4. Maintenance: We recommend regular maintenance by competent personnel to ensure the continued functionality and reliability of the fire alarm system. Maintenance and tests are recommended at least every six months, or more frequently for high-risk sites or those prone to vandalism.


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