Modernising Electrics of a Coleraine Farm Yard

Modernising Lisnagault Farm with Bespoke Electric Solutions by Nevin Electrics

Nevin Electrics is proud to showcase its recent successful project at Lisnagault Farm, a progressive farm situated in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Our team of skilled and experienced electricians provided a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions, designed to modernise the farm’s operations and enhance efficiency.

Meeting Lisnagault Farm’s Specific Needs:

Lisnagault Farm approached Nevin Electrics with the requirement for a complete electrical overhaul to streamline their operations and integrate modern advancements. Improvements included:

  • Versatile Workshop Power: We installed new electrics into the workshop, equipped with both 3-phase and single-phase wiring to cater to diverse machinery and appliances. Additionally, 13amp sockets were strategically placed throughout the workshop for convenient power access.

  • Enhanced Security with CCTV: To ensure comprehensive farm security, Nevin Electrics implemented a comprehensive CCTV system across the entire property. This system, accessible through mobile devices, empowers farm management to monitor activity remotely, adding an extra layer of vigilance.

  • Upgraded Grain Dryer: We custom-wired the unit, replacing its outdated analogue system with a digital PCI controller. This upgrade empowers precise temperature control and automation, streamlining the grain drying process.

  • Strategic Lighting Solutions: Nevin Electrics addressed the farm’s lighting needs by installing efficient lighting solutions throughout the yard. This included exterior security lights for nighttime visibility and low-energy interior lights to promote sustainability within the farm buildings.

  • Centralised Washdown System Control: For improved convenience and control, our team wired the farm’s volume wash down system pump, allowing activation from various designated locations across the yard.

  • Intelligent Energy Monitoring: To empower informed decision-making regarding energy consumption, Nevin Electrics installed an electrical control panel. This panel features a digital readout displaying the energy usage of each building within the farm complex. Additionally, each building has its own individual trip switch, preventing a minor electrical issue in one building from causing a power outage across the entire farm.


Nevin Electrics is committed to delivering exceptional electrical services that cater to the specific needs of our clients in the Coleraine area and beyond. We are proud to have played a role in modernising Lisnagault Farm and contributing to their continued success.

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