Upgrading Shop Tills Northern Ireland

Henderson Foodservice Streamlines Operations with Nevin Electrics

Nevin Electrics is delighted to announce the successful completion of a project at Henderson Foodservice, a leading delivered foodservice provider across Ireland. Our team of electricians provided expert services to upgrade Henderson’s facilities, enhancing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience.

Modernizing for Speed and Convenience:

Henderson Foodservice approached Nevin Electrics with the goal of streamlining their operations and offering a more convenient service to their clients. We understood the importance of efficient order processing and implemented the following solutions:

  • Upgraded Counters: Nevin Electrics installed new, modern counters within Henderson’s facilities. These counters were designed to optimize workflow and enhance customer interaction.

  • Self-Service Revolution: A significant upgrade involved replacing manual tills with self-service tills. This empowers customers to complete transactions efficiently, reducing wait times and streamlining the ordering process.

  • Automated Efficiency: Nevin Electrics also implemented automated tills, eliminating the need for staff to handle cash entirely. This further enhances efficiency and transaction speed.

Benefits for Henderson Foodservice and Their Clients:

The successful completion of this project has resulted in significant advantages for both Henderson Foodservice and their clients:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Upgraded counters, self-service tills, and automated tills streamline order processing and reduce wait times.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Customers benefit from a faster, more convenient ordering process.
  • Improved staff focus: Staff can dedicate more time to customer service and other tasks with the automation of cash handling.

Nevin Electrics is committed to providing electrical solutions that empower businesses to operate more efficiently and deliver exceptional customer experiences. We are proud to have partnered with Henderson Foodservice to modernize their facilities and support their continued success.

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